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We provide contact lenses sales services. We offer contact lenses in bulk for retail and large retail outlets. We help our clients solve a variety of issues and grow their business. We work for the best prices, can help with analytics, finance, shipping, marketing, production, SEO, promotion, etc. Our company provides its services to businesses of all sizes and is ready for any cooperation.



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Lenses are not harmful to your health, as long as they are properly selected by your doctor and used in accordance with the rules of wearing contact lenses.

Apply makeup to your face, and especially to your eyes, only after you have put on your lenses. When applying makeup, avoid getting particles of makeup on the lenses. Makeup should be removed after removing the lenses. It is preferable to use water-based products to remove makeup. If you use hairspray, aerosol deodorant or perfume, keep your eyes closed when spraying these products.

Start by wearing them for 2-3 hours a day. Then gradually increase the duration of wear for 2 hours a day, until you reach the recommended mode of wear. It is important to follow the rules of care for contact lenses, as well as carefully monitor your eyes and possible reactions to the wearing of lenses. If you experience any discomfort or any reactions, consult an ophthalmologist immediately for a consultation.

Before removing or putting on the lens, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water (without emollients or oils) under running water. Dry or wipe them with a lint-free towel. Keep your fingernails clean. Never use sharp objects or fingernails to remove lenses from the container or blister.

Before putting on the lens, make sure it is intact, has no tears, and is in the correct position (not twisted).

Putting on the lens:

Place the lens on the pad of your right index finger. Make sure that the lens is not damaged.
Pull back the lower eyelid with the middle finger of the same hand.
Lift your eyes up and gently place the lens on the white part of your eye below the pupil.
Take your index finger away from the contact lens. Close your eyes briefly to center the lens accurately.
Repeat the above with the second lens.

Lens removal:

Always start with the same lens you put on first.

Lift your eyes up and pull back the upper eyelid with your middle finger.
Use your index finger to slide the lens from the pupil to the whites of your eyes.
Gently squeeze the contact lens between your thumb and index finger and remove it from your eye.
Place the lens in a container with the disinfectant and storage solution.

Drops are something that most people save on, and in vain! Drops make lens wear more comfortable and safer because by moisturizing the lens, they extend the wear of the lens throughout the day, wash away microscopic foreign bodies (dust, lint, etc.), and also partially wash away the protein deposits that accumulate on the lens. Moisturizing drops are indispensable when working with a computer and when you are in a smoky and/or stuffy room.


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